Legacy System updates:

We will normally be able to take your existing systems and make them work better for you We upgrade them to more modern technology to speed them up and make them more supportable. Often this data is contained in Access databases and requires performance improvements by moving it to more scalable data environments.

  • System Integration :

We can also integrate your existing systems with other systems to improve data usage and knowledge creation.

  • Data Analysis and conversion:

We can take your existing data and improve its integrity and use by restructuring it into modern databases and reporting tools. We can also help you extract information from it in a far more effective manner.

  • Bespoke Software and System development:

Where a system with a particular function is not available in the open market, we will develop customised and bespoke systems to help your business function in the most effective manner. The bespoke elements can also be written as a part of a system integration project.

  • Support and Upgrades:

Once we have helped you to get the most out your IT investment, we will support it into the future.

  • System Architecture Design and Modification:

We will help you restructure your systems, hardware and software in order to maximise the benefits of your investments. This work will also take into account the requirements for data usage in your organisation.

  • Secure Network Design:

Security is vital in any organisation and we will help you purchase and implement the most cost effective solutions to make your business processes work in the most effective and secure manner.

  • Technical Business Analysis:

Many companies offer business analysis services, but their work does not take into account the technical requirements of the operational system. Our service is different in that we take all of these requirmements into account to ensure a far better outcome

  • Supplier Selection:

We provide you with an expert and totally unbiased supplier selection service for your future off-the –shelf systems. We will assess them in a quantitative manner against your business requirements and challenge their claims in a way that maximises the likelihood of them providing you with the best value in the products and services that they provide.

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