The following is a list of example projects that we have undertaken with our customers. References are available from any of our clients on request.


• A client asked us to manage the specification and selection of a suitable supplier and product to provide an Enterprise Resource Planning system for their project based manufacturing organisation.


• We have managed the development and implementation of all of our systems alongside our client’s local IT teams.


• Our training management system modules have been integrated into working with a learning management system

• We have designed a product for a client that interfaces with a real time engine control system over a serial link • We have created an export control system (including ITAR management capability) that interfaces with Oracle manufacturing for a multi-million pound manufacturing organisation


• Our client has been with us for many years and is responsible for managing a substantial aircrew training facility for the armed forces. We have modified our standard products to address all of the requirements of this business and ours is the only system used to manage the business and training process.

• We have developed a specific flight fulfilment system for a UK based airline that manages all of the special requests and other passenger specific items before travel.


• As well as providing the original software, we continue to support and maintain the software and system in facility mentioned in the system development section. We have successfully carried out a technology and functionality upgrade of this system after five years continuous service.

• We support a number of systems that were originally provided by other companies including telephone and incident management.


• The training management system with the armed forces has undergone a number of changes over time as requirements have altered. These changes have resulted in a number of technical changes being made to the architecture of the system, and we have advised and assisted in the network alterations and service. • We have provided enhancements to the robustness and integrity of one of our clients who undertakes a pilot selection service for military organisations and commercial airlines.


• Our client manages a service to assess candidates for flight training suitability in commercial airlines and the military around the world. We have inherited the software from a previous developer and removed many of the bugs and poor design from it. We are now working on redesigning many parts of it to improve its robustness and capability.



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